Our Services

We offer a broad range of services as listed below :

  • Water Resource Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Storm Drainage Engineering
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Environmental Phase1 and Phase 2
  • NEPA process
  • Parks and Recreation Engineering
  • Utility Engineering
  • Surveying Services
  • GIS Services
  • Preparation of Engineering Graphics / CAD Services
  • Inspection
  • Structural engineering
  • Municipal engineering
  • Sanitary System engineering & Modeling
  • Construction engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Retaining & shoring wall design
  • Site Planning and Erossion Control Plans

Common Services Offered by Global Engineering & Land Surveying

General Engineering Support

Planning and coordination with town officials and planning commission. Project management and review of existing municipal projects. Grant preparation assistance.

Storm Drainage Engineering

Planning, design and technical review of efforts directed to storm flow generation, storm drainage collection and disposal, storm water retention and detention, compliance with current state and federal regulations on disposal of storm water flows and related activities.

Water Resource Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Planning, design and technical review of efforts directed to roadway design, traffic signals, roadside safety features, signage and striping programs, pavement maintenance programs and related features and activities. Can prepare or review traffic impact studies and assessments throughout City.

Parks and Recreation

Planning, assessment, design, construction oversight, and technical review of efforts associated with the development of Parks and Recreation facilities within the City including parks, trails, parkways, recreation facilities, indoor and outdoor team and individual sport facilities and related improvements.

Utility Engineering

PIdentification and mapping of both City and non-City owned facilities and utility infrastructure. Will provide all services needed to facilitate integration of utility impacts within other engineering activities together with the necessary coordination with a wide array of utility owners.

Topographic Survey

The purpose of a topographic survey is for the determination of the configuration of the surface of the ground and the location of natural and artificial objects. A topographic survey provides elevation, contour, and relief of the subject lands.

Boundary Survey

A survey made to establish or to re-establish a boundary line on the ground or to obtain data for constructing a map or plat showing a boundary line.

Utility Route Survey

This survey provides data and information regarding the feasibility, general location possibilities, and probable costs of right-of-way, use, maintenance, and construction for the routes of railroads, highways, canals, pipe lines, and transmission lines.

As-Built Survey

This type of survey is utilized when a contractor, design engineer, or architect is planning changes to an existing facility. It provides an accurate description of post construction conditions.

Cadastral Survey

A cadastral survey relates to land boundaries and subdivisions, made to create units suitable for transfer or to define the limitations of title.


ALTA stands for The American Land Title Association. ACSM stands for American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. Both have set forth standards for land title surveys. Usually a title company, lender, or owner will need a survey that meets these standards.


GPS or Global Positioning Systems surveys producehighly accurate measurements without the necessity of a clear line of sitebetween points. Allowing a surveyor to work in extraordinary terrain, use a one-man field crew, and measure along baselines of 5-20 miles; saving time and money.

We also use GIS which stands for Geographic Information Systems. They provide for better management of data in a graphic manner fro site-specific data generation and GIS project development.

Condominium Survey

A survey for condominiums that provides the location of the major site improvements such as utilities, parking, structures, curbing, etc.

Volumetric Survey

This type of survey known as Quantity Survey is for obtaining measurements of quantities. Utilized with the construction process for earthwork, major excavations, landfills, sludge disposal, earthen dams, and disputed quantities.

Echo-sounding & Modeling of the Sub-terrain

Echo sounding is the technique of emitting sound pulses and measuring the resulting sound waves.

Hydrology Survey

A survey to determine data relating to bodies of water. Typically including directions and force of currents, heights and times of tides and water stages, depth of water, configuration of the sea bottom and the locations of fixed objects.

Elevation Certificates

Many commercial and residential lenders require elevation certificates if a property has been determined to be in a flood zone. Certification is useful if you are required to pay flood insurance and don’t believe you are in a flood zone.

Engineering Services Airport Layout and Navigational Control Site Development Engineering Subdivision Design and Layout

We offer all phases of subdivision engineering services including topography and boundary surveying, grading plans, infrastructure and plat design, construction phasing, drainage design, traffic impact studies, and cost estimates.

Aerial Photogrammetry and Control

Aerial photography comes after an accurate geodetic control is established. Parcel maps are built from and referenced to features that are visible in the aerial photos. Overall project timing, size of the project area, and scale must all be considered.

Residential Mortgage Survey

Mortgage surveys show the location, brief descriptions, and dimensions of all structures on the property, including driveways, swimming pools, fences, pole barns, etc.

Accident and Forensic Survey

Complete site survey of scenes including vehicle, homicide, terrorism, and major transportation accidents. Topographic, and data collection surveys produce the best display and mapping exhibits for settlement or litigation.

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